Show me the Telstar!

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Re: Show me the Telstar!

Postby h3ff44 » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:14 pm

So not long ago i went further into the hunt and contacted a few people who knew about the Telstar project.

Long story short, it was a goose chase.
I contacted one guy got put in contact with another, then another and then another.

Ended up talking to a guy (I won't name names) but he worked on the car back in the day.
Unfortunately what he told me was a bit of a let down, He did however confirm there was such a thing as a Brock Telstar.
Well tested Brock Telstar.

He advised that back in the day when they were looking into these cars, the determined that they had enough grunt and all it needed was some suspension tweaks.
So unfortunately the car did not receive the body kit, wheels, steering wheels, seats, paint scheme or the signed badge on the dash :doh: :-s

It didn't get a thing on it that said Brock.

Basically they added sway bars and springs to the car to make it handle.
They did a lot of g force testing with accelerators etc to improve the vehicle.

One of the other things they did which was a bit controversial at the time was to fit a fuel polarizer to the car.

No photos or anything. The only thing i was given to identify is that the shocks, springs and sways bars were purple in colour.

He also mentioned at the time that they worked on a magna (full works - body kit wheels etc) a Piazza and some bmw's of the time.

Shattered to hear it didn't have the full go over but awesome to see and hear his experience with it.

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Re: Show me the Telstar!

Postby PatrickTT » Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:49 am

Thanks for sharing :) would explain the lack of photos and info

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