Peter Brock Fords - Falcon S, Fairmont Ghia, Fairlane, EP Series, Maverick

Welcome to Brock Fords

On the 1st November 2010, Joe Kenwright wrote an article for the Unique Cars magazine.

Peter Brock FordsDid you hear the story about Allan Moffat racing Group A Commodores and Peter Brock building special Falcons while Holden enlisted a Scotsman to do Brock's job?

For a while there in the late 1980's and early 1990's, the local muscle car world turned upside down, with old allegiances meaning very little when it came to survival in a world no longer driven by V8 engines and motorsport.

But the most amazing chapter of this time is one of the few that people know about: the period when Peter Brock turned his back on holden and started building special Fords featuring the EA Falcon's powerful new multi-point overhead camshaft six. The Brock signature on a Blue Oval product! Lift your jaw off the floor and read on...

Between 1988 and 1990 Peter Brock was responsible for modifying approximately 200 EA Falcon S's, Fairmont Ghias, NA Fairlanes and Mavericks. This website exists to provide more information about the Ford's Peter Brock built, and to become a thriving community for those who own, or would like to own one of these special vehicles.

A special thanks goes to the original website developer for collating such a large amount of information which was available on his website until 2009.